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Medical equipment

Rom Pages Ltd company has established a website classified as "Rom Guide" Fifteen years ago, and keeps running it ever since.

"Rom Guide " website is a classified guide (similar to yellow pages) designed to provide locating services of vendor suppliers, service providers, and suppliers of materials, in various medical fields, different types of laboratories (medical, research, etc.), scientific research, environment, start-ups, etc.

Rom Guide is meant for anyone who's work requires equipment, services or materials in different medical fields, for different kinds of laboratories (medical, research etc.), scientific research, environmental protection, start-up companies, etc. including doctors, researchers, purchasers , laboratory workers, clinics workers, HMOs workers, employees of medical and paramedical institutions, startup employees , hospitals employees, nursing homes employees, the Ministry of Defense employees and others.

The guide contains thousands of categories of equipment, services, and materials, and is continuously updated for the benefit of its users. Use of Rom Guide is possible in all internet connected communication devices and view data on screen including: desktop computer, laptop, iPhone, iPad and Smartphone.

The guide enables search in Hebrew and English, and its use is free.

Site Usage:

Rom Guide contains three file databases as a basis for searching and finding:


The list of suppliers includes two options for supplier searching:

  1. An alphabetical suppliers list.
    We use the list when we know the suppliers' name.
  2. Expertise list.
    We use this list when we are looking for different equipment, materials, or services suppliers in the area of our business. For instance, if our expertise filed is ultrasound, we shall look for suppliers in this field.

Search in Rom Guide is mainly designated to seek and find suppliers who manufacture or import equipment and materials we need, or locate needed service suppliers.
The list of products enables us to locate suppliers.
For example: We are looking for a microscopes supplier. The products list enables detection of microscopes providers under "microscopes". When looking under "microscopes" one receive the specific product plus a list of all suppliers of this specific product.

"Products" button contains two lists:

  1. Products list. Products are alphabetized.
  2. Products are categorized. On this list search is done under categories.

Rom Guide users can search for products in both manners.


List of manufacturers includes all equipment and materials manufacturers and service providers listed on Rom Guide.
Most manufacturers listed in Rom Guide are companies and businesses operating abroad and therefore, their names appear in English only.
The list is designed to help the users find their preferred supplier representing the manufacturer (who usually operates abroad).
By clicking the manufacturer's name, a list of all vendors listed in Rom Guide who sell manufacturers' products will open up.
In addition to the search options described above, there is another search option on Rom Guide: user can reach a specific product or suppliers by using the search box presented in the main bar at the top of every page of the guide.
To ease all described search options, there is an alphabetical bar that enables the user to click on the desired letter of needed product or suppliers and so save time and trouble of rolling up and down the lists.

Rom Guide's Price list

The List of prices bellow reflects the varied advertising options on Rom Guide, the extensive use made of Rom Guide in each and every day, and the significant upgrade the guide has gone through. The guide has become more efficient and the prices are considerably lower, enabling our customers to use any advertising tool in an affordable price.

Advertising options Price (in NS)
Basic Advertising package (*) 1,000
Any additional item 10
Accent color of the supplier (product's suppliers list) 200
Supplier's Location (product's suppliers list) 300
Gold location (product's suppliers list) 600
Supplier's banner on Rom Guide's homepage 1,000
Gold banner (single giant banner Rom Guide homepage) 3,000
A professional article published by the client in the guide's articles section 200
  1. Prices do not include VAT.
  2. Basic advertising package includes the supplier's home page with the following information: business name, logo, address, means of communication, contacts, areas of activity, manufacturers represented, a how to arrive map to the business, and up to a 100 products provided by the supplier.
  3. The transaction is valid for one year.
  4. The customer will provide Rom Guide with logos / banners (banner data are jpeg or gif files 150X150 pixels).
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